Absorption system
in Indonesia

Araner provides absorption chiller solutions tailor-made for each plant in Indonesia. When there is available waste heat, it supposes a viable alternative for producing cold.

Depending on the temperature requirement Araner offers ammonia absorption chillers for negative temperatures or Br/Li for positive temperatures.

Araner Absorption Chiller
Absorption Machine for Industrial Applicaction
Absorption Machine for Industrial Applicaction
Cooling Energy from waste heat
Waste heat recovery with absorption

State-of-the-art Chillers

ARANER’s Chillers are robust industrial machines designed for lowering the energy consumption. Energy consumption is one of the major concerns in Indonesia these days. Lower energy consumption not only results in big savings in operational costs, but also contributes to the environment by reducing the CO2 footprint.

How Absorption System works

The absorption process uses thermal energy instead of mechanical energy to give out cold load. The compression stage is made up of absorber, generator, pump and an expansion device. After evaporation the refrigerant is absorbed, and the solution is pumped to the generator, where the thermal energy is used to increase the temperature of the solution.

Absorption chillers reduce the electrical consumption of the power plant when by consuming waste heat. They are the most efficient solution when residual heat is available, for example for cooling plants in industrial processes or TIAC plants when Gas Turbines are in open cycle.

Absorption Systems Advantages

  • Usage of residual thermal energy from existing sources
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • Decreased electrical consumption and operation costs
  • Improved final process efficiency

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