Data Center Role: A Current Look

The whole world is experiencing a big and unavoidable change in terms of lifestyle and work habits. New technologies, machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things) and the upcoming establishment of the 5G technology is creating an extremely big amount of digital data; and here it is where the data center role takes importance.

This modern movement is called Digital Transformation, and it includes the integration of digital technologies into all business areas, changing and updating our habits.

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data centerDigital information storage: Data Center Role

According to some prestigious media, by 2025, the amount of digital data generated will grow from 30 ZB (1021 bytes) in 2018 to 175 ZB in 2025.

This includes data stored in personal computing services, private or public cloud data centers or IT infrastructures.

In a big picture, 5 billion people have currently access to digital technologies (smartphones, PC…) and more than 7 billion people are foreseen to be online connected by the end of this decade.

Covid-19 and digital transformation: The Perfect Storm

As a consequence of the global pandemic that is still affecting the whole world, digital technologies and digital transformation are playing an even more important role than in previous years.

  • Most of the companies have been forced to implement new digital infrastructure due to the sanitary crisis, work from home have been the keynote of this year.
  •  Wi-Fi traffic incremented by 80% in PC uploads to cloud computing platforms.
  • 50 worldwide coverage: more than 30%.
  • Some mobile apps downloads increased by 50%.

These are some factors that are affecting the growing necessity of the digital data storage.

Digital information storage: Data Centers

Essentially, Data Centers are buildings that provide space, power and cooling solutions for IT equipment. Security and reliability are top priorities for these structures as a huge number of companies rely part of their businesses on it.

The main types of data centers being developed nowadays are as follows:

  • Hyperscale data center is a facility owned and operated by the company it supports, having more than 5,000 servers and used in big cloud and data storage.
  • Colocation data center consists of one data center owner selling space for allocating multiple data servers and computing equipment.
  • Enterprise data center is a facility owned and operated by a company and is built mostly on-site but can be also off-site.
  • Edge data centers: located close to the areas they serve and in small facilities, covering areas such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, manufacturing, financial institutions, telemedicine, augmented reality and gaming.

There are now more than 500 million hyperscale data centers in the world, and this rate keeps increasing. 38% of hyperscale data centers are in US, followed by China (10%) and Japan (7%).

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