How the power generation industry is being transformed

Power Generation Industry is changing tact to align to the global energy transformation. Anything short of this approach is likely to attract sustainability and business failure. Our push towards energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for this industry is in line with this trend.

Gas turbine (GT) is one of the most widely used power generating technologies. However, in some climates, the power output and efficiency of Gas Turbines are reduced due to the high ambient temperatures. This drawback can be corrected with ARANER solutions, specially Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) and thermal energy storage (TES) technologies.

ARANER Power Generation Solutions

Backed by extensive expertise, ARANER has created a reliable product line that transforms Power Generation Industry performance.


Turbine Inlet Air Cooling

TIAC is a cost-effective way to improve turbine performance, primarily during the peak periods of the hotter days. ARANER chillers integrate easily with sustainable energy systems such as combined heating & power (CHP) and tri-generation.

Note also that TIAC may be combined with ARANER TES TANK (Thermal Energy Storage) technology for power generation. TESTIAC (Thermal Energy Storage for Turbine Inlet Air Cooling) is also advisable when Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (GTIAC) systems are designed for power augmentation during peak demand.

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Thermal Energy Storage - TES Tank

ARANER TES tanks reserve cold water as thermal energy for enhanced efficiency and power output. In normal circumstances, warm water leaves the tanks from the top and proceeds to the chillers during off-peak hours. The warm water is replaced with much colder water (39°F) via the intake at the bottom of the tank. The tank creates a boundary (thermocline) between warm water and cold water due to temperature and density differences.

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Benefits for your power plant

ARANER is a leading solution provider for the power generation industry globally. Our focus is optimized value for customers



The power generation projects that we implement benefit society through reduced environmental impact, increased energy efficiency and resource maximization.



When used for power generation, TIAC enhances power capacity of the facility by reducing turbine inlet air to as low as 10°C (50°F). At the world’s largest thermal energy storage (TES) system Riyadh Power Plant 9-PP9 in Saudi Arabia, our TESTIAC installation increased power by 775 MW or 32% during the warmer season.



The impact of our solutions on revenue generated by power plants is enticing. Storing thermal energy in massive tanks is an ideal way to optimize plant operation. This essentially results in more profit for the power plant.

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