Energy management in healthcare buildings

Of all building-related industries, healthcare comes second in terms of energy consumption. Many attest this to the fact that the sector is still relying on old technologies and is wasteful in many ways.

For hospitals, the kitchen, laundry, sterilization, ventilation and many other processes are perpetually on. This gives an idea of why medical expenses seem to increase daily. There is every justification to believe that increased energy efficiency in healthcare would benefit both the proprietors and the clients.

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District Cooling

Energy demand in the healthcare industry is interesting, given that most of the systems operate round the clock and are outdated. The industry can save money and avoid risk by taking advantage of district energy (cooling and heating). For facilities still relying on older individual heating and cooling solutions, switching to district energy can enhance efficiency by up to 90%.

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District Heating

The Healthcare sector needs reliable heating distribution systems to allow the perfect conditions for pharmaceuticals to keep their temperature. Also, 24/7 service is critical as the systems must run steadily.

ARANER's solutions for District Heating reduce energy consumption and increase building efficiency.

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Energy Storage Systems (TES)

Consider this set of solutions that also suits the healthcare industry. A Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank, the heart of this technology, is a naturally stratified thermal accumulator that allows the storage of chilled water produced during off-peak time. It reduces the operational cost and the required capacity of the cooling plant. In the healthcare industry, we are proud to have spearheaded the implementation of TES at Farah Hospital, located in Amman (Jordan).

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Heat Pumps

ARANER’s heat pumps are a perfect system for the manufacturing sector due to their efficiency and cost-effective heating. We offer three solutions depending on their applications in order to obtain the most suitable solution:

  1. Screw and reciprocating heat pump
  2. Large scale centrifugal heat pump
  3. Simple/double effect absorption heat pump

Heat pump systems are environmentally friendly and can drastically reduce your business's carbon footprint and energy bills.

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Industrial Refrigeration

Possibly, the Healthcare sector is one of the most energy-consuming industries. Due to its needs to maintain buildings at a particular temperature, industrial refrigeration plays a key role to achieve optimal operating conditions.

With ARANER's solutions, we can offer customized systems for industrial refrigeration for the Healthcare sector.

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Cooling Systems

The health sector is also home to a lot of cooling, and this is where ARANER flourishes. At ARANER, we are fully aware that cooling in this industry must meet certain functional and technical requirements. Moreover, we know that 24/7 service is paramount, as the systems need to run seamlessly.

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Benefits of ARANER solutions for Healthcare Industry

Optimizing energy solutions in health facilities is the best way to combat some of the challenges the sector faces.



Optimization reduces the carbon footprint and improves resilience in handling healthcare client needs.



By distributing thermal energy via a network of pipes, district energy systems offer higher reliability, improved energy efficiency, reduced peak electricity demand and optimized installed cooling capacity.



Expert operation and maintenance services



The possibility of TES is also attractive because of the set of benefits it offers.



The potential economic benefits are particularly enticing if you consider the TES projects that we have already done.



The flexibility offered by TES in the healthcare sector is exactly what is needed to avert a crisis in case one part of the system goes down.

Reliable Cooling & Heating

Healthcare can gain from a partnership with ARANER