Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration consists of cooling for large-scale processes. Although it may seem like refrigeration is similar to air conditioning, we always need to keep in mind the large scale and non-standardized format of industrial refrigeration systems, making tailor-made solutions and design a necessity. That means it benefits from economies of scale and enables a large production of cold energy with optimized efficiencies. Maintenance costs can also be reduced thanks to the specialized maintenance staff. Moreover, improvement efforts can be concentrated in a dedicated space for the refrigeration system.

ARANER knows that industrial refrigeration isn’t one-size-fits-all, so we care about the smallest details. ARANER will design the perfect industrial refrigeration system according to your project’s special requirements and specifications, with the most suitable technologies to go along. Our R&D team optimizes our technologies taking our solutions upper the highest market standards. ARANER’s expertise covers a wide range of applications where industrial refrigeration is used besides District Cooling or Turbine Inlet Air Cooling, including use in markets like Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Data Centers.


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