District Cooling Systems

Refrigeration Engineering for Outstanding Solutions

District Cooling is being implemented by many different organizations, both private and public, in commercial complexes, offices, hotels, new urban developments or hospitals, and universities among others. Centralized production and distribution of cooling energy for real estate or industrial cooling solutions require experience and excellence when the best results are expected.

With over twenty years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and installation of refrigeration engineering systems, ARANER has established itself as a reliable cooling solutions provider for cold storage and processing facilities, with cooling plants that are not only functionally sound but also compliant with existing standards and regulations.

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District Cooling Plant Design
ARANER uses procedures based on state-of-the-art methods. District energy systems are efficient and compliant with regulation.
District Cooling Technology & Innovation
By the implementation of innovative systems such as direct condensation electrical consumption of the overall chilling plant can be reduced up to 14 %. ARANER also manufactures sea water cooled chillers using marine corrosion resistant materials such as Titanium condenser chillers, lowering district cooling plant electrical consumption and having zero fresh water consumption.
Cooling TES Tank
Save your excess and use it on demand. By introducing a Thermal Energy Storage system into the centralised cooling plant energy can be stored during low-demand periods. Energy storage can comply LEED district energy guidances.

An environmental Solution for the present

ARANER, as a cooling company leader in the implementation of advanced refrigeration systems, combines all the benefits of a District Energy System with the advantages of dry condensation that eliminates the use of water. Furthermore, ARANER is an expert in ammonia plants, a zero ozone depletion potential that is a 100 % natural refrigerant.

This combination converts the ARANER District Energy into a sustainable, reliable, cost-effective, and highly profitable solution for industrial, residential, and commercial heating requirements, providing the highest efficiency for your project energy demand.

Several technologies such as Heat Pumps or TES Tanks can be combined in the design of the Central Cooling plant (or District Energy plant) in order to save electrical consumption and capital cost.


District Heating and Cooling Functioning

A Central Cooling Plant (or District Energy Technology) distributes thermal energy in the form of chilled and hot water from a central source to multiple buildings or consumers through a network of pipes used for cooling and heating. The cooling or heat energy is provided from a central cooling plant, thus eliminating the need for separate systems in individual buildings.

This solution is interesting when there is an appreciable concentration of cooling loads, such as densely populated urban areas and high-density building clusters, and can offer economic and environmental benefits. As the central plant is large there will be economies of scale and higher thermal efficiency as compared to that of many isolated small systems.

Engineered type chillers and industrial compressor units are recommended in order to increase the efficiency and durability of the District Energy Plant.

District Cooling Benefits

  • Recognized green technology with carbon credits
  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher reliability
  • Optimization of installed cooling capacity
  • Reduction in peak electricity demand
  • Operation and maintenance services provided by experts
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Possibility of energy storage
DISTRICT COOLING CASE STUDY  The Abdali district, located in Amman (Jordan), was the result of an ample  investment for the creation of a luxury business and tourism hub. Beyond its  infrastructure, the project is now a reference of sustainability, partly thanks  to its state-of-the-art District Cooling plant.  ARANER approached this project having to deal with a key underlining problem:  the scarce availability of water. Download this free eBook to find out how this  District Cooling plant with no water consumption and low maintenance cost was  designed and implemented. DOWNLOAD FULL CASE STUDY <http://content.araner.com/abdali-case-study>

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