ARANER has a wide experience in implementing state-of-the-art industrial cooling solutions on different projects of District Cooling, Turbine Inlet Air Cooling, Industrial Cooling and Thermal Energy Storage. Our technologies always go one step forward the market in terms of efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.

We work hard to give our clients leading refrigeration engineered solutions with the most reliability. This commitment with the clients before, during and after the projects implementation has allowed ARANER to grow fast until achieving a significant worldwide presence.


<>   TES TANK Reference Book   The guide of Thermal Energy Storage Tank based on Araner’s experience and  knowledge. DOWNLOAD NOW  <>

Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Reference Book

A guide of different technologies for Turbine Intel Air Cooling based
on years of experience.

District Cooling Reference Book

The guide of District Cooling Technologies based on Araner’s experience and knowledge.


Araner provides reliable, highly engineered solutions. We design, develop, manufacture and install energy solutions that increase efficiency in power generation and industrial cooling. Araner’s team, is at the top of engineering solutions market.

Our markets

Araner operates in energy , chemical, marine, power, gas, food and beverage industries. We provide reliable, highly engineered solutions, in the fields of refrigeration, cooling & heating. Araner’s team, Industrial Engineering and energy solutions.

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