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Absorption systems

Absorption chillers have had vicissitudes in history. When gas utility rebates and reduced gas prices dominated in the 80s and 90s, this technology was very popular. Years later when gas prices skyrocketed and deregulation became common, a dwindling in absorption chiller uptake among industrial and commercial users was witnessed. Nowadays, with the big efforts of the industry in order to increase the energy efficiency, it is not surprising that the absorption chiller market is growing steadily once again.

How does the Absorption Systems work?

Absorption chillers can be useful in cooling industrial spaces, where they also minimize the energy consumption by using waste heat. Our chillers are excellent for providing year-round space cooling for a wide range of process facilities.

The five major components of an absorber chiller are absorber, evaporator, heat exchanger, generator and condenser. The basic operation principle of all absorption chillers is similar: If the pressure system is low, absorption fluid evaporates and removes heat from chilled water. Absorption solution regeneration follows, using steam, hot water or any other relevant heat source.

There are two well known types of absoption chillers, LiBr-Water type and Water-NH3 type. The first one is typically used when the temperature at which you want to cool down the fluid is above 4.5 ºC. For processes demanding temperatures below 4.5 ºC down to -30 ºC the water – NH3 absorption chillers are the most interesting solution.

The refrigerant for LiBr absorption chillers is water solution while the absorbent is lithium bromide for temperatures of 4.5 ºC and above. If you need to cool below 4.5 ºC, we can install a system comprising ammonia as the refrigerant and water solution as the absorbent.

Absorption Systems according to your Industry

While we can design any size of a chiller system, we focus on customized design for the client-for your cooling plant with the independence of your application. 

Do you want to achieve the highest efficiency possible for your absorption system? With cogeneration strategy, that is possible. The water temperature for the chiller can be optimized to improve chiller efficiency so the system can cool and heat water effectively, and still using the cooling water to handle waste heat.

ARANER’s chillers are robust industrial machines designed for lowering the energy consumption. Energy consumption is one of the major concerns worldwide these days. Lower energy consumption not only results in big savings in operational costs, but also contributes to a better environment by reducing the CO2 footprint.

In short, we aim to design an absorption system that fits perfectly to the cooling needs of your industrial facility. We thrive in the business of designing, installing and maintaining state-of-the-art cooling and heating solutions. We engage throughout the project to ensure that the absorption chillers deliver the required climate efficiently and reliably.


Absorption systems integration with other technologies


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Our absorption chillers reduce the electrical consumption of a power plant by consuming waste heat. They are the most efficient solution when residual heat is available. Combine them with TIAC plants.

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District Cooling plants can absolutely take advantage of Absorption Technologies: operational optimization, increased efficiency, increased plant reliability, and availability

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Absorption system in combination with District Energy solutions, reduces the operational cost and the required capacity of plants, increasing the efficiency of the plant and reducing the capital cost.

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Benefits of Absorption Systems




DECREASED electrical consumption and operation costs


IMPROVED final process efficiency




NOISE-FREE operation


ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – Low carbon emissions