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The importance of Data Center

A data center is a facility that centralizes data Storage. Data centers house a network’s most critical systems and are vital to the continuity of daily operations. Consequentially, the security and reliability of data centers and their information is a top priority for organizations.

With the rapid development for new technologies and the increse of electronic systems in all our daily activities, Data centers are becoming more and more necessary every day. Big companies and organizations are building their own data centers or increasing their capacity while colocation data center are growing exponentially.

What are the requirements to develop a modern Data Center?

While developing a data center project, there are some factors that have to be taken into account as:

Reliable power

The equipment in a data center requires a reliable power supply to prevent interruptions in the processes and the information transfer, so it is essential to count on a reliable power source.

Cool conditions

The power and equipment needed in a data center produce a lot of heat, so cooling systems are a key factor to ensure the optimal performance of the devices. Reliability and energy efficiency are key factors in a Data Center Cooling System.

Security measures

Given that the information housed in a data center is of a sensitive nature, security and data protection are crucial.

About services in ARANER Data Centers

With Data Centers booming in the Middle East region and other hot weather regions around the globe the need for reliable energy-efficient cooling solutions for Data Centers has become a priority.

The cooling system will determine the Operational Cost of the Data Center and it plays a major roll together with the electrical supply system on their reliability.

ARANER is set to continue leading the way on realizable energy-efficient data centers. Our mission is to continue applying our expertise in cooling and industrial design to push the boundaries of the Data Center industry.

In order to offer the best options for your installation in terms of sustainability and efficiency, at ARANER we analyze the project from the very beginning. As industrial refrigeration engineers, our designs, products and installations are adapted to the needs of data storage and space available for the project.


Cooling and Storage Systems for Data Centers

ARANER Cooling Systems are the most suitable for Data Centers. Our industrial-type chillers and robust control systems guarantee the continuous supply of cooling energy and the lowest electrical consumption in the market.

ARANER system can be adapted to the TIER level required. Our Thermal Energy Storage systems also help to the efficiency and the continuity of the supply.

  • TIER 4 Fully Fault-Tolerant 99.995% uptime
  • TIER 3 Fault-Tolerant 99.982% uptime
  • TIER 2 Redundant Infraestructure 99.741% uptime
  • TIER 1 Dedicated infraestructure 99.671% uptime
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Benefits of ARANER Data Center Developing


Extensive experience developing PURPOSE-BUILT data centers


IMPROVED efficiency and power generation.


COOLING SOLUTIONS adapted to your project’s needs.


INTEGRAL SOLUTION to develop your data center from the design phase.


Achieving the require TIER CERTIFICATIONS.


ROBUST AND RELIABLE electrical system and back-up




In connection with worldwide evolution. The Data Center business is a fast-growing market that is demonstrating to be beneficial for both the owner and the customer.



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