Specific device specially designed by ARANER

That device acts as a hydraulic seal trapping the condensate water and maintaining the pressure difference between the ambient and the filter house interior. By this way, ARATrap is an innovative ARANER’s technology that ensures no entry of unfiltered air into the gas turbine filter house.

ARANER has wide experience in implementing successful projects of Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC), a method for power augmentation in gas turbines. Depending on the ambient conditions and other intrinsic parameters related to the process itself, the turbine inlet air cooling process could produce condensate water.

For this reason, ARANER installs ARADrops, while the condensate water is led by gravity outside the filter house to the ARATrap, which guarantees that all air entering to the gas turbine compressor is properly filtered.

ARATrap Advantages

  • Power output augmentation with no risks for the gas turbine compressor
  • No unfiltered air entering into the gas turbine filter house, maintaining the filter house sealing
  • Evacuation of condensate water produced during turbine inlet air cooling

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