TIAC as an environmental energy solution

Nowadays, industries emitting pollutant, including the power industry, must comply with rigid emissions limits and also provide emission data which are monitored by governmental agencies at local and international level. In this regard, alternative solutions for energy generation decreasing CO2 emissions are playing a major role solving the global energy challenge.  

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Challenges in the power generation industry

They are different sources for energy generations: nuclear, hydroelectric, gas, coal, etc... And gas driven turbines power plant are the second electricity source worldwide after the coal power plants, generating the 22 % of the world electricity production (approximately 4,933,300 GWh per year!).

In this regard, it is not rare to see more and more efforts being considered to reduce CO 2 emissions and improve the general efficiency on power generation plants.

Environmental energy solution

Source: (http://www.tsp-data-portal.org/Breakdown-of-Electricity-Generation-by-Energy-Source#tspQvChart)

TIAC as an environmental energy solution

Coming back to the second largest power generation source: the gas turbines, new technologies have already been applied for a couple of decades. This is the example of Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC), which is the most effective solution for power augmentation in gas turbines that, at the same time, reduces carbon footprint. TIAC technologies are able to produce the same power output than a new turbine, however with lower installation cost and higher efficiency of fuel utilization.

TIAC reduction on carbon emission has been well recognized by international institutions, for example, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) prepared a report which illustrates the reductions in CO 2 emissions due to the increase in efficiency and reduction in fuel consumption of the combined cycle in Jebel Ali Power Plant (Dubai). A total of 65,799 tons of CO2 were reduced during the monitoring period between January 2013 to December 2014 (5.54 % reduction when compared with the emissions without TIAC).  


TIAC has been demonstrated to be a cost effective environmental energy solution for the power generation industry reducing emissions of pollutants and providing more efficient and sustainable power plants.    

Make TIAC more efficient!

ARANER has more than 20 years of experience on TIAC solutions and it is able to design and manufacture any type of TIAC, from evaporative to compression or even absorption.  When adding to the TIAC reduction on fuel utilization, a cooling plant customized with efficient chillers manufactured from ARANER, power plants. owner can get an extra power reducing both fuel and electrical consumption. Ask ARANER experts for the best solution to your plant and star to cut greenhouse gas emission using TIAC together with high efficient cooling plants!

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