Gas Turbine Power Plants: TESTIAC solution

High ambient temperature has a degrading effect on the heat rate and power rating of a combustion turbine. This problem is compounded by the fact that peak power demand tends to coincide with hot ambient temperature periods. In line with this, ARANER has a way of overcoming this challenge in the name of TESTIAC for gas turbine power plants, which is a combination of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC). This technology is receiving a lot of attention worldwide due to the benefits it introduces in the power generation process. ARANER offers TESTIAC solutions to gas turbines for industrial applications. This enables plants to increase their output whenever the need arises.

How does TESTIAC make a difference in gas turbine power plants?

Gas Turbines are designed for 15 ºC. At this temperature is when they provide the nominal power and efficiency. This means that a gas turbine power plant in a hot climate may not be efficient enough. Due to this problem, power utilities use different technologies to reduce the inlet air temperature of a turbine. One of the most effective methods is cooling combustion air using stored chilled water. In other words, this is a merger between TES and TIAC technologies. At ARANER, we call this combination TESTIAC.   The specific volume of air is directly proportional to the ambient temperature. This is not good news for a turbine if it has to work in such an environment. Since a turbine is volumetric in design, its air mass input is reduced; leading to a subsequent reduction in power output. Thanks to TESTIAC technology, gas turbine power plants can still produce power cost-effectively even in the harsh ambient temperatures of the desert or summer. TESTIAC System produce cooled water during off peak hours and keep it in giant tanks. This water is then used to provide a constant cooling temperature for the gas turbine, thereby achieving increased efficiency and output of the gas turbine.

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Why TESTIAC is Desirable

Designing such a system requires intense analysis and studies to be carried out on the existing power plant. ARANER researches several parameters including historical ambient conditions of the facility, energy storage capacity, number of peak hours of power demand and performance curves of the turbine. When added to large facilities during expansion, upgrades or construction, TESTIAC offers several benefits.  

1. Elimination of parasitic loads

Since the chillers in this system usually need to operate only during off-peak hours, parasitic loads during on-peak hours are non-existent.  

2. System has economic benefits

You no longer have to size your chiller for peak cooling demand, meaning you can now use a smaller chiller. If you reduce the capacity of the chiller, this will have a similar effect on capital cost. What you spend with a TESTIAC solution from ARANER is less than what you would invest on new equipment for a higher power-output. With TESTIAC you will optimize the plant’s performance with an intelligent investment.  

3. Reduced Operation Cost

A TESTIAC system has a smaller capacity refrigeration system because the cooling load for off-peak hours is leveled. Remember also that cool water production takes place during off-peak hours, which are usually at night when ambient temperature is lower and chiller efficiency is higher. The reduction of energy consumption (operation cost) in this kind of arrangement is evident.  

Final Word

The energy marketplace struggles in peak power management. Both the supply side and demand side of power are constantly looking for ways to get the best value. TESTIAC can be a viable solution for these woes when it comes to gas turbine power plants. It increases the power output and enhances the efficiency of gas turbine power plants, especially in areas where ambient conditions are not favorable for the turbines. There are popular applications of this method across the globe, and power producers have been able to solve the power demand and supply imbalance. If you want any further information about ARANER’s solutions, get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you!

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