TES plant: the combination in a district cooling & heating plant

Renewables have a key role to play in the Middle East sustainable energy transition which must be considered within a broader framework of socio-economic development of the region, with ripple effect of renewables deployment throughout society by economic growth and diversification, job creation, improved balance of trade as well as bolstered water security.

In the recent years, current trends show that the renewable energy landscape is rapidly evolving and significant developments have taken place. In this development, solar energy plays a major role.

Combined solar power plant with Thermal Storage system

The combination of a solar plant with a Stratified Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in a district cooling/heating plant (DCP/DHP) can result in significant savings in annual electricity consumption. In this case, the TES tank that collects excess process thermal energy produced during the day to be used during night hours.

During the day, solar energy will be used to supply the electricity consumed by chillers and heat pumps. In addition, to cover the demand, both equipments will try to work at their most efficient operation point. However, this point of operation may be above demand and therefore the tank must store the excess energy.

ARANER is able to implement both technologies and achieve an average saving of 11% and in some months up to 40% in electricity consumption with isolated installations without connection to the grid. In addition, this saving leads to avoid emissions to the atmosphere of more than 1,000 T CO2 being very beneficial to the environment. *


The use of DCP/DHP with a solar plant plus TES tank will contribute to reduce emissions and combat the effect of climate change. Finally, companies that have bet on these technologies will be more competitive since they will save money throughout the year that can be used in other resources.

*These values may vary depending on the case study

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