Energy requirements in manufacturing plants

Excessive and uncontrolled heat within a manufacturing plant can influence negatively both the workers and production. Equipment failure is also a big concern in hotter conditions due to the implication of its large scale on manufacturing machinery and processes.

Maintaining the right climate and enhancing equipment performance with highly effective and efficient solutions is a great for manufacturing companies to boot profitability. The annual electric power consumption drops about 35% compared to conventional cooling plant systems in case of improving the cooling performance profiles. Excessive heat in a manufacturing or warehouse environment has negative effects even on the quality of produced or stored goods. This is a growing concern because manufacturers are being pressed hard to match the utmost qualities. Fortunately, there are plant cooling solutions that can solve this problem.

ARANER Manufacturing Solutions

Are you wondering what cooling and energy storage options your manufacturing plant has?

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Cooling Systems

At ARANER, one of our highly effective solutions for the manufacturing industry are chillers that remove heat from a liquid, cooling factory equipment, or the indoor space within two types can be implemented. 

  1. Absorption chillers based on combustion, steam, or any other source.
  2. Vapor compression chillers use a gas turbine or electric motor.

Facilities usually have two options for chiller setup, a group of decentralized chiller or a larger, centrally placed one. Chillers can also be evaporation-based, air-cooled, or water-cooled.

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Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TES)

If you are looking to achieve a required chiller plant capacity for your processes, then you might need Thermal Energy Storage (TES) installation.

It is possible to apply TES in a manufacturing setup. The TES tank is filled up at night when the electricity costs are low. The stored thermal energy is used at the manufacturing processes during the day during on-peak hours. 

Remember that it works even if you want to integrate the solution into an existing cooling or heating system.

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Heat Pumps

ARENER’s heat pumps are a perfect system for the manufacturing sector due to their efficiency and cost-effective heating. We offer three solutions depending on their applications in order to obtain the most suitable solution:

  1. Screw and reciprocating heat pump
  2. Large scale centrifugal heat pump
  3. Simple/double effect absorption heat pump

Heat pump systems are environmentally friendly and can drastically reduce your business carbon footprint and energy bills.

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Heating Systems (DH)

The manufacturing industry needs reliable heating systems to improve energy efficiency and flexibility.

ARANER’s District Heating solution provides efficient heat distribution from renewable energy sources, in order to move to more sustainable heating systems that can face some of the challenges of the manufacturing sector.

We plan your strategy from the designing phase to accompany your team through the whole process.

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Benefits for your manufacturing plant



Broad range of cooling and TES solutions, from units suited for compact spaces to large-sized ones



With a deep understanding of the specific problems that manufacturers face, we know how to provide solutions that handle the problem directly and comprehensively.



Our customer service is reliable and trustworthy. We always choose honesty, even when our solution for your facility is not the ideal one. However, you can be sure that the ARANER line is the best for many situations.



Efficient operation of your facility is more than just cost reduction: it also a great enhancer of favorable working conditions.

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