District Energy

District Cooling

This technology is being implemented worldwide by many different organizations, both private and public. There is also an extensive variety of types of consumers (Residences, Commercials, Hotels, Offices, Retails Stores, Hospitals, etc.). Some of the benefits that are endorsing the district energy technology are the enhanced reliability, the environmental benefits, less water, and energy usage, reduction in environmental degradation, and efficient use of energy and higher valued service.

Experts’ analysts said recently that in less than a decade the district cooling market has grown from a near-standing start to being with US$10-30 billion over the next 5 years.

At a central plant, District Energy Systems produce steam, hot water or chilled water. The steam, hot water, or chilled water is then piped underground to individual buildings for space heating, domestic hot water heating, and air conditioning. In conclusion, private buildings served by a district energy system don’t need their own boilers or furnaces, chillers or air conditioners. The district cooling system provides important benefits including Improved energy efficiency, environmental protection, flexibility, Ease of operation and maintenance, reliability & others.

The district cooling market is growing at a fast pace with high-profile projects in the construction sector. Such huge construction projects, like universities, resorts, etc.; are using district cooling method as it offers the best cooling services at relatively more competitive rates than traditional cooling methods.

ARANER tailor-made solutions for District Cooling Plants combine all the advantages and benefits of efficient chillers and industrial type equipment.


ARANER is leading in the implementation of the District cooling

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