Food & beverage processing

In recent years, demand for commercial refrigeration equipment’s for food and beverage industry has grown significantly due to increasing trend of people dining out, purchasing frozen food items and ongoing expansion activities of retail chains. The global food and beverage market, including farming, food production, distribution, retail and catering, was valued at more than $5.7 trillion dollars in 2010.

The refrigeration is needed to extend shelf life by slowing down the growth of microorganism (fish, sea food…) and slow the physical changes (fruits and vegetables). However, in some cases just being part of the food processing (Dairy, cheese…) or in case of meat and poultry, to improve consistency for facilitating cutting and processing.

Combined Heat & Power

Araner offers solutions with proven results. The large savings in manufacturing costs, maintenance and others, even 50%, means a high ROI. For example, with combined heat and power, cogeneration, electricity is generated and the waste heat is captured, and recycled for new power generation. Food and beverage industry is always looking for higher profits to offer customer the most qualified products.

Also, Araner Industrial Compressors provide the reability, quality and high efficiency required by the food and beverage industry. Araner developes tailor-made solutions depending on the customer needs.

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