Petrochemical, oil and gas industries

According to the Association of Petrochemicals in Europe, Worldwide demand for petrochemicals is growing at a rate about twice that of the world gross domestic product. This energy-intensive, growing industry has already invested decades in energy efficiency improvement. Refrigeration cooling is a critically important process for this sector who must ensure precise temperature to their processes. Without this technology the quality of their final product and service could be damaged.

Our depth of expertise across the full range of engineering disciplines – from process engineering to mechanical, electrical and control, ensures our clients the we have the capabilities to develop complex projects with a high reliability and compromise.

Quality and reliability are critical in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Industry. ARANER industrial equipment is designed for high reliability and able to comply with the most restrictive international standards like API. ARANER industrial compressor units and absorption machines will provide the required cooling minimizing the energy costs.

Petrochemical plants usually depends on Gas Turbine for Power Generation. ARANER Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) can boost the GT production and therefore the production of the plant. Also, the TIAC Systems supports LNG production to increase results. TIAC (Turbine Inlet Air Chilling) ensures in all case power output.

The Oil & Gas industry has a big room for efficiency improvement

This guide shows the most advanced systems to increase it.
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