Industrial Compression

Araner offers adapted solutions for industrial compression based on screw and centrifugal compressors. Depending on the application we study the best option, obtaining the best performance and quality in our plants.

ARANER industrial compressor units are designed according to the most demanding industrial standards (they can comply with API upon request). Industrial compressor are the most robust and durable solution for your cooling plant with independency of your application: District Energy, Process Cooling for Chemical Plants, TIAC, etc.

Industrial Compressor Units
Screw Type Chiller unit
Chiller in a box
Chiller System

How Industrial Compression work

The screw compressor is a positive displacement machine where the gas compression is performed by two meshing helical screws, which have different shapes in order to compress the air.

The gas is sucked on one side, trapped between the rotors and pushed to the other side. Due to the continuous turning of the rotors, the gas is being compressed. In screw compressors it is possible to accommodate the pressure lift.

On the other hand, the centrifugal compressor is a dynamic machine where the gas compression is a result of increasing kinetic energy, which riches the gas pressure.

Considering each application and its factors such as size, pressure or efficiency, we provide screw or centrifugal compressors, which is a key component for many processes.

Industrial Compressor Units Advantages

  • Industrial type construction, as per European or American standards, with open maintenance protocols
  • Effective performance optimization, giving lower electrical consumption than similar packages
  • Integrated control system, where the entired plant is controlled from a unique and unified PLC, which can be supplied with different redundancy configurations and SIL levels
  • Offering tailor-made solutions for special requirements from the customer or for special environmental conditions

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