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Heat pumps are able to move thermal energy the opposite direction of spontaneous heat flow, providing cold and heat loads depending on the needs. Heating Pumps are more efficient than other technologies thanks to their minimum power consumption: they are considered renewable energy always that the performance reaches a minimum value.

ARANER is one of the leading heat pump brands worldwide, with heat pumps designed based on our very own industrial compressor units. By giving to our customer the benefits and flexibility of a tailor-made plant, ARANER’s solution optimizes the performance for each system according to the client requirements. We accompany our clients through the entire process: current situation analysis, design, manufacturing and installation.


Farah Hospital Thermal Energy Storage Case Study

Find out how this Jordan hospital saved more than 400,000 USD per year with our tailor-made solution

High efficiency heat pumps
Industries try to keep energy consumption as low as possible and every improvement counts. ARANER’s heat pumps offer an energy efficient option for these cases.
Heat pumps for heating and cooling
A heat pump can replace both air conditioner and heater because it can provide both cooling and heating by acting as a heat transporter.
High temperature Heat Pump
New technologies allow ARANER’s High Temperature Heat Pumps (HTHP) to reach the client’s required temperatures.

Heat Pump: How it works

Heat pumps allow the transfer of heat providing heat and cold for applications where both are required. They use a single system and work more efficiently than others technologies, because they works with minimum power consumption in the compressor. As a result it is possible to obtain high COPs for both situations: cooling and heating processes.

Heat pumps are the most efficiency solutions for District Energy plants with a balanced cooling and heating demand. If it is not the case, the gap between the cooling and heating demands can be solved with a Thermal Energy Storage Tank.

ARANER offers heat pumps based on different technologies, such as centrifugal compressor, screw compressor, and absorption machine. Our heat pumps can be design for different refrigerants:

  • Ammonia, which is one of the few natural refrigerants, having by far the best characteristics in thermodynamic terms
  • We can also use others refrigerants such as R134a or R410a

Heat Pump Advantages

  • Simultaneous production of cooling and heating energy using the same equipment
  • High efficiency and significant energy savings
  • Clean heating energy production (NO diesel required)
  • Reduction in the heating plant footprint
  • Reduction in operation and maintenance costs
  • Efficient design contributing to Green Building (LEED) certification
  • Possibility to work with either Freon or natural refrigerants

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