Industrial Refrigeration

Air conditioning and industrial refrigeration have a shared objective, cooling a system.  Both cooling fields are integrated with similar components: compressors, heat exchangers, pumps… Normally, the working fluids are water, air or refrigerant. While much is shared by both cooling fields, there are enough differences in the systems, components, design practices, and business methods.

Industrial refrigeration is a lively business, provides many technical challenges to its consultants, and serves a crucial role in industry and society. Offering customized systems for industrial refrigeration must be a priority. Each component, each condensation solution or cooling system, must be studied in detail because the best results, from our experience, come from the correct synergy between all the components and process. 

In ARANER we study each project and consider the best design options and components to achieve the highest level of quality, efficiency and performance for your industrial refrigeration needs.

No matter what the application, whether for the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, District Energy or Turbine Inlet Air Cooling industries, ARANER adapts their Industrial Refrigeration Systems to the unique requirements of your project and location.Recently, due to the big sizes of District Cooling plants they could be also considered as part of the industrial refrigeration, even though the end users are commercial, as many of the standards used in this big plants are coming from the industrial sector.

PHE Evaporators for Industrial Applications
Compressor and Oil Separator Skids
Industrial Air Heat Rejection Technology
Piping and Rack Supports in Industrial Market

Why Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration consists in cooling for large-scale industrial processes. That means it benefits from economies of scale and enables a large production of cold energy with optimized efficiencies. Maintenance costs can also be reduced thanks to the specialized maintenance staff. Moreover, improvement efforts can be concentrated in a dedicated space for the refrigeration system.

ARANER will design the perfect industrial refrigeration system according to your project’s special requirements and specifications, with the most suitable technologies to go along. Although it may seem like industrial refrigeration is similar to air conditioning, we always need to keep in mind the large scale and non-standardized format of industrial refrigeration systems, making tailor-made solutions and design a necessity.

Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

  • Centralized maintenance of the main equipment of the refrigeration system, carried out by specialized engineers
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Wide range of state-of-the-art refrigerants
  • High efficiency and significant energy savings
  • Efficient design contributing to Green Building (LEED) certification
  • Great benefits for spaces with diverse use, as it reduces the peak load of the plant
  • Cutting-edge technologies

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