Turbine Inlet Air Cooling
in Indonesia

Power augmentation with low capital cost

Do you need to increase power output but are not willing to invest in new turbines? With Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling your turbine-based power plant will enhance its capacity by up to 30 % by cooling down the turbine intake air. This technology is perfect for hot climates with high ambient temperatures that usually coincide with on-peak hours of demand.

ARANER is the global Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Company. Our tailor-made solutions for indonesian market are perfect both for new and already existing installations. Maximize the turbine output and improve the energy efficiency of your gas turbines engines during hot weather with gas turbine inlet cooling.

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Power augmentation with Turbine Inlet Cooling
Increase turbine power output from a 20 % up to 30 % with inlet air cooling technology and improve turbine heat rate up to 5 %.
TIAC solution for all type of gas turbines
Our tailor-made solutions are suitable for already running installations. We work with major turbine manufacturers to design, manufacture and install the best solution.
TESTIAC solutions for energy storage
Save the peak by combining TIAC with a Thermal Energy Storage system. Store excess energy during low demand periods and use it on demand during peak hours.
TIAC (Turbine Inlet Air Cooling)

Advanced gas turbine engineering

ARANER offers comprehensive gas turbine cooling solutions in Indonesia, going from the design to the installation on the new or already existing power plant. If the turbine power plant already exists, ARANER designs and implements a filter house modification with minimal impact and introduces the Extended Surface Heat Exchanger (ESHX), the most efficient way for indirect cooling.

Especially when the turbine inlet air cooling is needed only during some hours a day (peak demand), it is extremely beneficial to implement a TESTIAC configuration, which combines TIAC with a Thermal Energy Storage Tank. With a TES Tank the net increase in power output is maximized and the cooling plant required are reduced, reducing also the project cost.

How does turbine inlet air chilling work

Power output and turbine compressor efficiency are proportional to the inlet air flow rate and the pressure ratio, which decrease with higher temperatures. Furthermore, the electricity consumption peak time coincides with warmer air temperature during the day.

With the ARANER’s TIAC System this negative effect is compensated thanks to the turbine inlet temperature increase. The turbine will have constant and chilled inlet air temperature, increasing the power output and maintaining it constant against temperature changes. It creates a direct economic benefit in two ways, increasing the annual average output MW and savings in comparison to additional turbine installation.

State-of-the-art TIAC solution with ARANER

  • Selectable and constant inlet air temperature with ARANER Adaptative Temperature (AAT)
  • Fast system delivery compared with new turbine installation
  • Avoid GT output fluctuance produced by ambient conditions
  • Lower price per generated megawatt compared with new GT plant
  • No extra auxiliaries’ equipment needed. (same transformer and generator)
  • Recognized green technology with carbon credits

TIAC is widely accepted by gas turbine OEM’s and has been proven safe and reliable in hundreds of installations in Indonesia, whether they are combined-cycle, simple-cycle or cogeneration systems.

TIAC CASE STUDY  The Badra Oil & Gas plant, located in Eastern Iraq, needed to optimize the  power output of Gas Turbines while increasing production during the off-peak  hours. To face this challenge, ARANER presented the TESTIAC solution.  This system achieves greater energy without water, due to the restrictions  because of the availability of water in the region. Download this free guide to  discover how to reach these goals in your project! DOWNLOAD FULL CASE STUDY

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Specially design component by Araner for turbine inlet air cooling



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