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Innovation is part of the DNA of ARANER. Our R&D constantly focuses on new solutions for the industry, using the latest design and simulation tools to achieve optimal results. Collaborating with universities and research centers, we exploit synergies between engineers, professors and field experts. ARANER dedicates around 20% of our engineering budget in research and development programs. The latest and most important projects on which our staff has been working can be summarized as follows:

  • Creation of model simulations to optimize design parameters, from self-created software for the study of climatic conditions in different locations
  • Develop of high temperature heat pump (HTHP) for industrial and commercial applications, like hospitals, petro-chemical and large surfaces
  • Research of new kind of cost-effective plate radial diffuser for stratified thermal technology applications.
  • Research in triple effect absorption and low heat source temperature absorption machine, with waste energy recovery system.Research in state of the art new chilling machines, with natural refrigerants as CO2, ammonia, water and propane

Collaborations of excellence

  • More efficient diffusion systems for Thermal Energy Stratified Water Storage Tanks – CDTI PROJECT 
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