Heat pumps key success factors

Heat pump design process is performed to obtain the higher efficiency during whole year depending on the heat source employed. With the objective to be considered as renewable energy a heat pump needs to comply with a minimum seasonal coefficient of performance to ensure that its integration will make the network more sustainable.

What are the key success factors on a heat pump design?

Tanking in consideration the ARANER expertise-designing tailor made systems we would recommend to follow this list of key success factors on the heat pump design.

  • Innovation: ARANER multidisciplinary team is involved in several refrigeration and heating projects for many different markets and applications. That makes us an avant-garde company in terms of new refrigerants employed, new developments engaged and involvement of the R&D department. 
  • Operation range: Depending on the system, requirements different technologies will be used to improve the system COP.  ARANER can supply a large range of tailor made heat pump solutions with high and very high temperature levels. Next developments with new natural refrigerants, centrifugal compressors and blowers help ARANER to cover almost all temperature levels on the market.  
  • Expertise: Our engineering department has faced out the most common applications in the heating business. The different problems that could arise during a new project evaluation can be easily solved having a look to our experience. 
  • Carbon neutral compliance: Large heat pump systems will play a key role in decarbonizing heating and cooling. They enable high levels of energy efficiency, renewable energy shares and renewable energies sector coupling. Heat pumps will partially replace the old coal or gas boilers and biomass in the old District Heating schemes or reduce the steam consumption in the industrial market, achieving higher hot water temperatures.
  • Competitive: ARANER follows a structured process and provides support to anyone involved in any stage of a complete District Heating or industrial project. Our projects involve meticulous planning, followed by the expert execution of one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams in the market. Collaborating with all major industrial brands for the refrigeration and heating markets has been our hallmark in the projects we have undertaken, maintaining high quality standards in a competitive way.
  • TES combination: Designing a heat pump to be integrated in a District Heating or an industrial process with ARANER makes your facility eligible for different technologies and innovative solutions including Thermal Energy Storage (TES). 

Heat pumps integrated in a District Energy System with TES accrues three main benefits:

    • Accumulates thermal energy during off-peak periods for their use during periods of high demand
    • Helps utilizing renewable heat sources such as solar energy more effectively
    • Stores surplus thermal energy to prevent wastage and allows for supply during periods of higher demand


A complete overview of each heat pump design project will help our customer to ensure that they took the right decision on the heat generation part of the project.

Our expertise will create a benefit to our design taking in consideration not only the machinery design aspect. What are the main benefits that our heat pumps could contribute in a district heating system?

For more information on this topic and the district heating market: ARANER district energy experts.

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