Refrigerator Cooling System in Hospitals


The healthcare industry consumes loads of energy and release a lot of waste into the environment. Equipment working on a 24/7 basis- ICU machines, CT scanners- and at full power mode is unavoidable. Some healthcare managers opine that reducing environmental impact and lowering electricity bills remains a pipe dream. If you are in a similar predicament, this is the best news you will get today- it is possible. You do not even have to go far or spend much. Simply consult the right refrigeration professional for a modernized healthcare cooling system for your healthcare facility.

Refrigeration – the gift that keeps on giving

Imagine where we would be without ice-cold beer, meat preservation or ice cream. Life would be distressing and boring if we had to visit the milk bar every time we needed some cool fresh milk. To say that refrigeration has been impactful is an understatement. This technology has transformed many industries, including healthcare. According to research by the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), about 3 billion air- conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration systems exist worldwide. The number of people employed in these areas amounts to 12 million. Apart from employment, refrigeration has improved human life in areas such as food safety & security, building comfort, and of course, healthcare.

Applicability in Healthcare

Health amenities like laboratories, hospitals and training facilities need appropriate temperature control to safeguard sensitive materials. You can guess how the medical field would be if there was not proper preservation technology for blood tissues, vaccines, drugs and so forth. Climate control and refrigeration are simply inseparable with this industry. Refrigeration affects human health directly through the inhibition of development of toxins and bacteria. Keeping heat sensitive products at a temperature range of between 2°C and 8°C has seen their market extend extensively. The effect of this solution has been experienced in vaccine management too. For instance, it has helped eradicate poliomyelitis globally, from 350,000 cases in 1988 to a mere 416 in 2013. For these and other reasons, there is perpetual demand for reliable refrigeration service providers in healthcare industry.

Sustainability and Refrigeration

The desire anyone performing energy conservation in hospitals is to pursue climate friendliness. In this regard, the World Health Organization has suggested a few elements that include energy efficiency, alternative energy generation, green building design and transportation. Others are water, waste and food. Focusing first on energy, it is notable that most major procedures in healthcare are energy-intensive- water-heating, clinical processes, temperature control, ventilation etc. Clients can succeed in improving energy efficiency in hospitals, and continue to meet the energy demands. The most important input by refrigeration system managers towards success of Hospitality Energy Management Systems is to insist on proper design, installation and maintenance. It is easy to get a healthcare cooling system running, but overlooking the crucial bits can lead to refrigerant loss and other issues that affect efficiency. Hiring industry specialists may cost a bit more, but it will be a worthy step ultimately. You will not have to redo or have to contend with poor design of major components, such as hospital cooling tower and laboratory cooling system.

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True, there are off-the-shelf solutions that appear fit for your hospital. However, you can get longer-term gains by consulting a refrigeration specialist for a custom-made solution. This is important, considering variables like condenser technology and refrigerant type. Experts who actually visit your premises and assess the circumstances are better placed to design the right refrigeration system for hospital energy saving.

ARANER, Your Trusted Partner for Healthcare Refrigeration

Considering the indisputable role of refrigeration in healthcare, ARANER designs, installs and maintains the best healthcare cooling systems. We deliver dependable and energy efficient refrigeration solutions. The healthcare industry has specific refrigeration requirements, safety being at the core of the businesses. We believe that insisting on sustainable and efficient solutions is ideal for this industry. With our vast experience in this and other fields, you can bet we will apply the latest technologies that focus on safety and energy efficiency. Cooling for healthcare is intricate, so there are a number of legislation requirements no matter where you are located. For example, we constantly encounter a requirement for regular maintenance by an expert to maintain peak performance of the refrigeration system. When you look back at the case of Farah Hospital in Amman, you realize that our specialty in the healthcare industry is worth emulating. What we helped achieve there, coming in for installation of a modern cooling system for the hospital in 2012, showed that refrigeration is one of the drivers of the healthcare industry. Together with the hospital team, we implemented a 1,280 TR·h Thermal Energy Storage Tank (TES) system and 3,300 kW Heat Pumps, two of our most popular solutions. The facility not only managed to reduce their energy expenses, but also be on the road to LEED certification. In summary, ARANER refrigeration solutions present healthcare facilities with the following potential benefits:

  • LEED certification for integrated refrigerant op
  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • Better global efficiency
  • Enhanced compressor coefficient of performance (COP)
  • Improved lifespan for equipment
  • Reduced maintenance cost


Refrigeration is an irreplaceable supporting system for healthcare, as all the innovative products aligned to this nexus have proved. Whether it is standalone refrigeration products or embedded healthcare cooling system, the industry has gained immensely from the beginnings. ARANER is proud to be recognizable in energy conservation in hospitals through the most advance cooling refrigeration energy solutions, like the case of Farah Hospital. Give us a call if you need our help in this area.

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