ARANER TES App for Thermal Energy Storage Design

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks are a widely proven and efficient technology that allows the storage of chilled water produced during off-peak periods for its use during daily peak hours. A TES tank reduces the operational cost and the required capacity of cooling plants, increasing the efficiency and reducing the capital cost, among other advantages.

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ARANER, Experts in Thermal Energy Storage

As references in the Cooling Energy market, ARANER has implemented the power plant with the  Largest Thermal Energy Storage system in the world (710,000 TR·h) in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and we have also designed and implemented the World's Largest Thermal Energy Storage with stratified water for a District Cooling application (80,000 m 3) in Jordan. 

araner tes app main screen Figure 1: ARANER TES App main screen

At ARANER, we are constantly innovating and looking for the solutions that will help you achieve the expected results in cooling energy efficiency. After many years accompanying each of our partners in their search for the most excellent and innovative solution, we have developed a software with a technical smart algorithm at the level of our most demanding clients. From our R&D department, together with our TES department, a tool has been conceived that is a milestone in the TES market. It is a tool designed to be the go-to application of the most dedicated specialists. A self-sufficient way to work and learn more about each project. And we wanted to go one step further, so as to always be available to each of our partners when a specialist is needed. Building on our wide experience, ARANER wishes to share its knowledge with our customers through the launch of the ARANER TES App.  

About the ARANER Thermal Energy Storage App

The ARANER TES App represents an innovative and easy-to-use tool to start designing your own stratified Thermal Energy Storage tank. The user will be able to size the TES tank either from a required amount of thermal energy to be stored in the TES tank or from specific dimensions of the tank. The ARANER TES APP has a unique objective: empowering customer success.  

araner tes application with real calculations Figure 2: Real TES project calculated with ARANER TES APP

Our technical APP also enables the user to select between steel or concrete tanks. The user will also be able to choose the type of diffusers: radial type diffusers, slotted type diffusers or get advice if the system is not completely defined yet. The basis of detailed diffuser design for thermal stratification is the fact that every TES customer comes with unique needs. To get the exact cooling requirements, the designed diffuser geometry must be subjected to real conditions. And what will you get?. ARANER TES App automatically generates the selection of the TES system and provides the user with the price of the complete TES tank, including the diffusers and instrumentation systems. The app will generate a downloadable pdf with all requirements, which always be available for you to check it and share it with the rest of your team anytime need. You can also easily ask one of our technical specialists and request an official custom quotation for your selected product. Additionally, ARANER's TES app will allow you to:

  • Keep a detailed record of all your TES projects
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news of the TES market
  • Learn about the main features of stratified TES tanks
  • Stay in touch with our international expert team

Download the ARANER TES App for free from Google Play and Apple App Store, and start designing your own TES tank! Stay tuned!

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