The ARANER TES App for the empowering customer success

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks are a widely proven and efficient technology that allows the storage of chilled and hot water produced during off-peak periods for its use during daily peak hours. A TES tank reduces the operational cost and the required capacity of cooling & heating plants, increasing the efficiency and reducing the capital cost, among other advantages.   

As you are aware, at ARANER, we are always innovating and seeking cutting-edge solutions to assist you in attaining the desired outcomes in cooling and heating energy efficiency.

Introducing the new TES App by Araner

After many years supporting each of our partners in their search for the most excellent and innovative solution, we have developed a software with a technical smart algorithm at the level of our most demanding clients. From our R&D department, together with our TES department, a tool was developed as a milestone in the TES market. It is an application designed to be the reference tool for the most dedicated specialists. A self-sufficient way to work and learn more about each project.

Based on our extensive experience, ARANER wishes to share its knowledge with our customers through the launch of a new concept of the ARANER TES App.   So, we will release a new app update that will include stratified hot water tanks. 

Download the ARANER TES App for free from Google Play and Apple App Store. The update is coming, so be prepared and be the first one to discover the new features!

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