Refrigeration System Components for Optimal Performance

The total number of heat pump , refrigeration and air conditioning systems in the world stands at 3 billion, according to the International Institute of Refrigeration.   Their estimates show that the industry consumes 17% of the global electricity. This enormity has prompted manufacturers and other stakeholders in this massive industry to look for more environmental friendly and high quality solutions. It is also high time we reviewed the refrigeration system and its optimum performance. Simply put, the refrigeration cycle carries unwanted heat to a different place using a circulating refrigerant. This transfer of heat involves several components, which we have covered here.  

Here Is the Basic Process

The refrigerant enters the compressor at low temperature and pressure. It then leaves at a higher temperature and pressure, entering the condenser where it is converted into a liquid. In the process, heat is released to the condenser fluid. From the condenser, the high pressure and temperature liquid goes to the evaporator.  Between these two components (condenser and evaporator) is a expansion device whose main role is to maintain the right evaporating pressure. Once in the evaporator, the liquid evaporator transforms into vapor, absorbs heat from water/air or any other fluid leading to cooling.  

A Closer Look at the Components

  basi refrigeration components  

Fig 1: Basic Refrigeration Components  


The marketplace is full of many types of compressors, which can be a source of confusion. To make matters easier, we categorize these devices as:

  • Piston compressor
  • Rotary compressor
  • Screw compressor
  • Scroll compressor
  • Centrifugal compressor

There are other ways of describing compressors:

  • Stages: single-stage, two-stage, multi-stage
  • Structure: semi-hermetic, open type etc.
  • Cooling medium/ method: water-cooled, oil-cooled, air-cooled
  • Drive type: belt, engine, chain
  • Drive speed: variable speed, constant speed

Condenser / Heat Rejection Device

The condenser is referred to as heat rejection device because it extracts heat from refrigerant to outside the environment. It can be evaporative, air cooled or water-cooled type. We often receive questions regarding the best option between these condensers, specifically air-cooled and water-cooled condensers . We recommend you read this comparison for more understanding about these two heat rejection devices and their performance.  


The evaporator removes unwanted heat from product using the refrigerant. Like the other components, evaporators also come in different types, sizes etc. This is important because there are different refrigeration applications.  Based on construction, evaporators are classified as:

  • Bare tube evaporators
  • Plate tube evaporators
  • Plate evaporators
  • Finned evaporators
  • Shell and tube type evaporators

Control System

The refrigeration system requires a control system that covers liquid levels, humidity, pressure, temperature and other parameters. You can expect the following from our control systems:

  • Performance and reliability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety

Water Pumps

Also in the system there are water pumps that are designed to fulfill modern requirements of controlled and safe performance. Usually water is used as a secondary fluid in order to move and distribute the cooling/heating energy. Therefore water pumps are very often part of the system. Water pumps are designed to fulfill modern requirements of controlled and safe performance.  


Here are some benefits of our pumps:

  • Minimal operating costs
  • Long service life
  • Leak-free technology
  • Fast availability of spare parts

All the components we have highlighted above are important for the optimal performance of the entire refrigeration system. With its 20 plus years in refrigeration systems, ARANER ensures that only the best components are used to meet client expectations. Are you ready to meet international standards in terms of refrigeration energy efficiency and general effectiveness? ARANER is the unrivalled provider of refrigeration systems that meet international standards on Coefficient of Performance (COP), environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and compactness. Call us to learn more and make an order for a tailor-made solution.

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