Thermal Energy Storage

Thermocline Layer for Thermal Energy Storage

In stratified Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks, the thermocline refers to the transition or mixing layer that forms between the warmer surface water and colder water that occurs deeper. Thermocline layers occur naturally, separating the water by temperature and density. A thermocline layer is char[..]
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Turbine Inlet Air Cooling

Cooling method for gas turbines in Remote Areas

Containerized turbines are a cost-effective, expedient way to install quality equipment. These turbines are ready to go on delivery, including all mechanical, electrical, and control components. These units are compact and easily serviced making them ideal for many applications, both temporary and p[..]
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District Cooling

Energy Project Management: How to Face Challenge

For a big energy project worth millions of dollars and designed for a community, there is no room for error. Challenges come in all forms and sizes from the time the project commences to its conclusion. There will be corporate issues, team conflicts, risks & uncertainties, and expectations from [..]
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